Thursday, June 16, 2011

Da-do/Daughter Day

Roger took the day off to spend with Samantha.  He thought that the three of us may be hanging out together, but that was not what she was thinking!

They both slept in, which means I got some quiet Bible Study time, and he loaded her up and took her to swim practice.  From there, they had lunch at Fire House Subs together and then headed to see Soul Surfer. They also picked her up a new swim cap & had snow cones.

While they were out doing their thing, I went to a friends house and picked up a new member to the family... we have yet to give a name... any suggestions?

Her day apparently wasn't complete, because she took off with him to watch his final ball game. I headed to the ball park for closing ceremonies for Riley...
They tied for 3rd place and I guess since there were so many rain-outs and reschedules that they just allowed ties?  Ry is going to be excited when he gets home and sees this...

Rog and Sam are walking in the door, so I am off here for the night...

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