Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I told you yesterday she was tired... she slept until 11am!!  Needless to say, we completely missed morning swim!   She wasn't hungry when she woke up, so we headed out and ran by the Girl Scout office and one of the libraries to return Riley's book on cd and then we grabbed some Chic-fil-A for lunch... she was certainly hungry at this point - 12 piece and fries!

We had talked about doing Water-Only-Wednesday (which is hard because it is usually our errand day and we grab lunch out) and we did ok...not perfect though!  We did have lemonade with lunch - which was not water, but it wasn't soda either.  Other than that cup of lemonade, we both drank water all day! (I will admit that I am wanting a Dr. Pepper - just a small drink....)

Church & bible study was good... the lesson was What the Bible Says About.. Hypocrisy. Brother Paul said he searched and found 77+ verses on hypocrisy.  Sadly, that is one of the main reasons people who are not Christians- are not.  Does that make sense?  There was some good discussion over this topic...

We picked Roger up and headed to swim practice.  She is tired... and sometimes struggles with keeping up.  We spoke with the coach about some private lessons and may check into that for her.

She has crashed for the night and is looking forward to spending the day with her da-do tomorrow...

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