Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy weekend....

Whew... we were busy this weekend!

Saturday morning, Sam had her second swim meet - she did better this time and actually got a time to work with - no DQ!!! Now we have something to work towards - a better time! I worked the first part of the meet, and was able to see her swim...up close!

We had lunch out and then went to the dreaded WalMart store for Father's Day gifts.. Roger got an alarm clock - because he needed one! His is on the last leg, and mine fell at one point and the snooze doesn't work...we needed a new one!

Got Samantha all packed for her week at camp - I think she is pretty excited about going!

Ry got home late Saturday afternoon - filthy, tired and full of excitement from camp.  I am fb friends with one of the troop leaders - that took pictures - I just have to tag myself in all of them - but there is about 500 total...dreading that task - but, there were some good ones of Ry in there!

Went to Olive Garden with Gramma Sherrie, Rob and the 3 boys to celebrate Gramma's birthday... then it was home and bed!

Missed church on Sunday morning so we could head out to camp for Sam... Her BFF's mom went with us, because we were meeting her BFF halfway to pick her up from her dad - they had been at Father/Daughter camp over the weekend.  What a L-O-N-G drive!!  With a couple of stops, 4 hours!  We were there for 2 hours getting them checked in and then another 4 hours on the way home (because there were 2 cars and DQ was calling our name, so we had to stop and sit and visit!).

After such a long day, I am outta here!  Gotta do it all again on Friday!

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  1. I'm following you from TOS Crew. Your summer sounds like mine -- more busy instead of less.


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