Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Braces - again!

Riley had an orthodontist appointment this morning and all of his baby teeth are gone & we are waiting on the 12 year molars to come in!  He still has a bit of a protrusion, so he is going to need a full set of braces.  Can we say $cha-ching$!  The good thing is- it is not an emergency- so, he wants to see Ry again in 6 months and if we haven't gone forward with it at that point, we will talk.

We headed to the theater to watch Alpha & Omega.  There was an issue with the movie, so we watch Diary of Wimpy Kid... kinda a cute, boy movie!

He had a Scout meeting tonight, for book signing.  He accomplished SO MUCH while they were at Scout Camp last week! He is only a few small items away from being able to work towards his Star Scout!

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  1. I need to take Gracie to the orthodontist for a consult one of these days. She hasn't lost nearly all her teeth yet though, so I'm thinking it's not a big rush or anything. I'm not looking forward to that bill!


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