Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And summer begins...

Yes, I know it is not technically summer, but it is meteorological summertime, and when the temperatures meet up with the triple digits the first of June, I go with the meteorologist!

Since there is no piano/voice for June, we did not move as fast as we normally do on a Wednesday.  With errand list in hand, we set out.  In the middle of the day we had a doctor appointment to go ahead with an xray for Riley's arm... it was looking kinda swollen to me this morning, so I felt better be safe with it than hurt it further...

Doctor said all was clear and he could continue with activities as normal. He had trouble with guitar because of his arm, but pressed on.  Once he was out of guitar, we finished up our errands... took much longer than I wanted to... got home just in time to get ready to head to church!  Lesson tonight was What The Bible Says About... Dancing.  I am loving this series he is doing, digging deeper into the Word and finding out what it says about things that end up in the grey area a lot of the time.  Been pretty interesting so far.

Off to swim practice for Sam and now I am finally home and headed to bed!

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