Tuesday, May 31, 2011

He knows how to get hit!

Yes, that came out of my mouth at Riley's ballgame tonight.  He knows how to get hit.  Here's why.  He swung at a ball tonight and it hit him, and the ball went forward. He was thrown out at first.

Well, as many times as he got hit last year, he knew that if he got hit, he takes the base.  We learned tonight, that since he was swinging, it was considered a live ball and he was, in fact, out at first.

He went to the dugout in tears - because he got hit, not because he got out.  In all the times he got hit last year, he never cried!  He got iced and pulled for the rest of the game (yet another reason for more tears).  It didn't appear to swell any, so we opted to wait and see what it looks like in the morning before we rush to the doctor. It appears he will have a pretty bruise there though...

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