Thursday, June 2, 2011

Girl Scouts ~ final Cadette bridging

We were lazy today.  Kiddos slept in and we did a few chores around here, a late breakfast and then showers before we headed out to a friend's 5th grade graduation.  One of my current GS and one of my former (going to return next year) GS graduated 5th grade today and the kiddos and I went to be there for them.  They both ended up coming home with us and hanging out here until GS time.

Chicken patty sandwiches for dinner and then I sent Riley off to his ball game... with the threat of he better get back in the game!  He did play - they lost, but he did play & that is what counts for us this week!

The bridging ceremony was going to be at the park, over a bridge on some play equipment, followed by the award ceremony and an ice cream party... man, it is HOT already!! Thankfully, we were close to one of the girls church and we bridged quickly and took the rest of the program inside!!  Sad because Girl Scouts is kinda over for the year.. we will get together this summer sometime and start talking about what we are going to do next year...but for now, June is upon us and has swarmed us!!

Kiddos ended up sneaking off to Grannies late, so I am playing catch up on my blog...and my DVR!

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