Friday, May 27, 2011

Way to spend a Friday...

Well, after being out of town Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and then running errands on Wednesday and a doctor appointment that took up half or more of my Thursday I was looking forward to spending all day Friday at home, doing as little as possible.
That didn't happen....
Mom called and wanted to go to Brinkley - so the kiddos and I decided to join her and make the trip with her.
A stop at Fred's for some flowers to take to the cemetery for Aunt Jerline & Uncle Millard. Cemetery had been recently mowed, so we spent some time cleaning their stones and fixing the flowers.

A trip out to Rich to visit with Aunt Laverne - kiddos took their metal detectors and spent a little bit of time out by the shed searching - we did have a couple of finds - an old rusty washer & a rolled up tube of something...

We left there, headed home to get Goosey from school and then did somewhat of a Chinese fire drill with the kiddos... Samantha went with Gramma. Goosey, Chunky and Riley came home with me to play outside.  After a while, Gramma grabbed Chunky and they all went to Hunan's for dinner - Riley and Goosey stayed with me.  Chelle came over and we all had Creamy Chicken Pasta with peas.  

After dinner, Chelle and I made some strawberry freezer jam...looks and smells like it's gonna be pretty good! (Inside the pectin box, I found a recipe for GRAPE! jelly - will be trying that later this summer!!).

Goosey went with her dad, Riley went over to Gramma's and Chelle and I spread out in the den floor.  We had a couple of things to work on- one of them being camping trip. We needed to get a menu, grocery list and coupons sorted so we were ready to go next weekend!  I think we have it under control! 

We worked on something else as well... I will have to tell you about that later - it is late and I am tired and headed to bed!

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