Thursday, May 26, 2011

Out all day again

Up and going again today - have a few errands and I have to go to the doctor for a drug study visit... Yep - time for a shot!
I guess the study is going ok... I can't really tell much difference... My chest is still bothering me, the oxygen helps a little, but not where I am 'better'. I I'd notice a few things over the past week, due to the stress and change in my meds, but I think it is all related to the stress level.
Home just in time to grab Chunky from school and make some dinner. Chicken salad sandwiches & tater chips... Made from the rotisserie chicken (yummo) that I picked up!
I canceled Girl Scouts because there was really not much that we needed to do to plan for bridging - we took care of the plans by texting!!
Rog took Chunky and went to the ball park -Ry's team played right before Chunky's team. Rog went to watch the Sox play - they won!
Rog's friends came over later to discuss our upcoming camping trip. Waters up, but our site is open... Getting to the boat will be tricky! But we are still going to go and we are EXCITED and ready!
I'm kinda chilled so I am covering up and heading to bed...

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