Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yum... Fried pies!

Samantha had speech this morning, then we headed to The Original Fried Pies Place and picked up some pies for Girl Scouts tomorrow night (and of course, we had to have one for ourselves) YUM!

We tried to visit with Meme, but she didn't want to wake up...but her roommate was in rare form! She was yelling and fussing at the nurses (kiddos and I were trying not to laugh) she was just funny! Meme didn't wake up enough to know we were there...

A trip to the library netted us many books - there is a sudden interest in chapter books around here! YAY!  They picked up quite a few.

Music lessons, lunch and a stop by the florist wrapped up our afternoon.  Roger had ball practice, Riley had ball practice and Sam and I headed to church!

Everyone is finally home (or where they are landing for the night) and I am about to catch up on my Survivor!!

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