Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bible study

One of the mom's in our homeschool group started a *tween* bible study.  We are using the book Choose and she is there to keep the kiddos on track, but they pretty much ran the group today - opening prayer, discussion-staying on track, and closing prayer - they did great!  There are 8 of them, age 9-12 and they seem to get along pretty good.  I am excited to see how things work out.

After Bible Study, I meet with one of my besties for lunch! Hadn't seen each other in a couple weeks, so it was nice to chat!

A few errands and then picked up a friend's kiddos after school - boys and rainy days don't go together!

Kiddos went to see The Aluminum Show with Aunt Chelle (birthday gift) so Rog and I went grocery shopping and picked up pizza! Sounds fun huh?

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