Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to normal- what's that?

Well, I think we may be back to normal routine -- whatever that may be!! We did sleep in a bit this morning - it was cold out, so it was hard to get out of our warm beds.  We did a few chores, Samantha went to speech, the we dug into the school work!  They were able to focus and we got quite a bit done!  While they were making their lunch, eating and cleaning, I knocked out a bit of out-loud reading to them. 

After lunch, we went to the nursing home.  Our 4H is having a Fashion and Fine Arts night (musical competition) and so we set up a *practice* run - so a few of the kiddos could get a few minutes in with an audience.  We got there early to visit Meme and Ry gave her a private concert - played/sang The Old Rugged Cross - Meme's favorite song. 

 Samantha was first- she was nervous, so I talked her into going first and getting it over with.  She did really well... She played the piece she is working on for Spring Recital and a few others that she enjoys playing.

Riley was last, the piano players all went together, then he finished up with his guitar.  He was even more nervous than she was!  He did great and he even sang - quietly, but he sang!

There were only a couple of others that showed up, but it turned out great and I am going to look into having something there on a more regular basis.

We can home to chicken thawed original plan was chicken noodle, but I changed my mind and threw together some chicken soup with rice - turned out yummy! and we ate all of it??

Kiddos are winding down for the evening and I am going to see about updating my blog AND getting photos organized and maybe uploaded to facebook? 

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