Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How exhausting...

I spent the entire day at the doctor...  My original appointment was for 9:15.  They called me Monday and wanted me there at 8:00am to do a few tests before the doctor saw me.  I was at the actual doctors office until about 11:15 - then I went to the hospital for some tests.  I was there until 2:45.. UGH!  That will wear you out!

The good news is I do not have blood clots. The bad news- I am on continuous oxygen until she figures out what is going on...  Will be interesting to see how that works...

Ry's scout group went to the skating rink for their final *cub* meeting!  Here are few shots that Roger took at the rink. (Samantha and I stayed home - since he never gets to go to her Girl Scout events).


  1. Oh, Christa - bless your heart! That's a long day. And oxygen?! How long will you need to be on it?

    On a positive note, I received the Hidden Mickey book in the mail yesterday. When I told Gracie that we were going to use it, and then give away for DD some week, she said "Oh, NO! I want to keep it!" LOL She's been busy reading that thing - like crazy! She asked if it could count as school. Too funny! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Yeah, me a make it at home tank with a 32ft tube that I get around the house in, a 10 hour pull along tank & a few 4 hour tanks that are in a backpack type thing.. I don't know how long yet... I have to call back next week and find out when my appointment is.

    Enjoy the book and do whatever you guys want with it!!


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