Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Today was focused solely on GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  The truck delivered 3,700+ boxes to our service unit.  They had to be unloaded off the truck, sorted by cookie, counted, sorted by troop, counted, sorted by parent and counted again!!  Takes a while, but we had it down pat this year and the work went smoothly!  One of the leader's in the area works for the local paper - and her hubby is a photographer - so they were both there - HERE- is a link to some of the pictures that were taken.

Once I got home and got things unloaded from my car - well, I didn't do it, but the kiddos and another mom helped me - the company brought me oxygen... yep - 24/7 until the newest/latest pulmanologist can figure out what is going on with me. It will be an interesting change in my life, but if it works, then hey! I'm all for it! We shall see...

I rushed the o2 man out the door in time for me to barely make it to church!  We are in the middle of a series about Current Events & End Times and how it relates to the Bible.  Been very interesting...I'm learning a lot... mostly about current events- tonight during the service, he focused on the events, not so much Bible verses... I am really enjoying learning.


  1. I want to move to America just so I can have a chance to sell Girl Scout cookies!! Its part of your heritage right?! lol

  2. Yes, Girl Scout cookies are part of life here in the states! Every January!! Thanks for stopping by!


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