Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy *I Love You* day~

Today was crazy/busy... we got up and going this morning and took Samantha to speech.  While she was there, Ry and I ran to the post office, dropped some things in the mail - one had be there OVERNIGHT! After we picked Sam up, we knocked out a few thing for school and grabbed a bite to eat and headed out for the HS Valentine's Party!  We made bags, had some snacks, played outside - the weather was AWESOME! and then passed out our valentines...after that was more outside time...

Here are a few of the girls *hanging out*:

And the boys were moving too fast to get many pics of them:

After the party, we finished up school work and I had to meet someone at the fire station - new sign coming THIS WEEK!! Had a few things to wrap up there...

Got an email this afternoon saying that Rog would be recognized at a Rotary Club Luncheon for an award presented by LRFD Awards Committee for FF of the month, August 2010!!  SO proud of him!

Chicken pot pie for dinner and then to bed at an early/decent time - busy day tomorrow!!

(and with this post, I think I am caught up and should be able to be back on track!)

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  1. Hi Christa~
    Yea for your hubby!!!!! Loved the pics!! Our snow is finally starting to melt, so we can see bare ground now!! Yippee!!! Chicken pot pie is sounding so yummy!!!


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