Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Out of town for the day...

Kiddos and I managed to get a bit of school work done this morning.  Mom and dad came by about 11:30 and got us and we went to Brinkley.  We grabbed some lunch, and since mom had flowers, we went straight to the funeral home.  We were there when Aunt L arrived and we went in with her.. very sad time.  To lose the one that you have been with for over 65 years - makes me think of that song - Happens in a blink, happens in a flash.

The first thing my aunt did was make sure his ring was on his hand and said it was to stay there.  She was satisfied with the way things were, so we took her home to eat, rest and get ready for visitation.  We stayed at her house for a while, visiting with family until Aunt L was ready to go back to face the crowd.

Things were tough, but I made it through.  Kiddos were there the whole time & they did OK.  Samantha wanted to go up to the casket with me, but Ry hung back for a while.  He eventually was comfortable enough to go up front.

After the visitation was over, we went to the hotel and visited for a bit with the family, then grabbed a bite to eat and headed home.  We stopped by the hospital on the way home to drop mom off to stay with Meme.  Meme was still talking out of her head - what little bit she was talking.  They were giving her blood since her count was low. It is now midnight and I am done for the day...

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