Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long day - that I was not looking forward too -

Roger got home at his regular time this morning and came back to bed and we all slept until about 10am.  Everyone got up and through the shower and ready to go, then we headed to Brinkley.  We met mom & dad for lunch at Pizza Hut before we all headed to the funeral home.

I did OK for the most part - being at the funeral home before the service was not to bad, waiting to be seated wasn't hard, the actual funeral it's self, I did OK. It was that time where it was the turn of the row I was in to go back up to the front that last time - my family bailed on me - I knew they would - none of the three of them really care to be at a funeral, much less that close to a casket.  That was when it hit me the hardest - mom was sitting on th row in front of me and she came up with me and helped get me out to Roger.  The cemetery is also a hard part for me.  We were close to my other great aunt's headstone, so I got to walk over there and see it as well.  Once it was all over, I grabbed me a rose and a cat tail out of the casket piece and was OK enough to walk to the car.

We met up with some family from out of town and visited over chips and salsa at the local Mexican restaurant in Brinkley - good time for tears and laughter.  Kiddos were hoping to be home in time for church & we made it.  I was supposed to have a meeting, but just wasn't up to anything, so I skipped the meeting and church both and just hung out in the backyard with Roger...

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