Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are we back to normal yet?

After the past few days, I am about ready to get back into routine!!

I got up when Rog left, but was just feeling exhausted, so I went back to sleep for a while.  Kiddos worked on their reading & some other stuff while I slept.  Once I got up and going, we did some chores, then a bit more school work - we are trying to play catch-up right now...

Dinner was to be Beef Stew, so I got it going in the crock-pot & realized that I was missing some carrots (and we needed a few other things from the store to get us through the rest of the week).  So, after lunch (of grilled ham & cheese sliders - made on slices of the homemade mini-loaf), we headed out to take care of a few things.

First stop was the nursing home - to visit with Meme - yes, she was still there- and say goodbye to some family that came into town for the funeral.  Meme was awake when we got there & my cousin told her we were here to visit - she said *I don't care*.  My mom told her that cousin K and Uncle K were in town to visit her and she said *Been a long time since I seen them* (which is true) I told her it had been.  She said *They packed up and left us* (which is also true - that is what she has said ever since they moved to Atlanta over 15 years ago).  They came in and asked her a couple of questions - she said*What you got up your sleeve* & *I feel fine*.  Now, this may not seem like much to anyone else, but after being in what we thought was a level of her dementia, turns out she has been in a drug-induced coma- so we were all elated that she was able to respond that appropriately to those few sentences.  We are praying that once she shakes the over-medication that she will buck up and be more alert and aware of her surrounding.

We dropped off over-due library books & grabbed a few groceries, then home to finish fixing dinner!  I made homemade cornbread and dished up the beef stew - it was super yummy...until I realized that we had to be at Girl Scouts in 10 minutes!!  Samantha and I put our dinner in the fridge to finish up later and headed out to scouts.  My key for the church was right where it belonged in my bag - at home!  Luckily I had everything I needed in the van with me and we just worked on our poster's outside!

Before I got home for the night, I decided that I needed to go ahead and make a Sam's run for the Fire Department Chili Dinner this weekend, so I grabbed my list & the boys and we headed out to Sam's!  It is not to late, but we are finally home and I am sure tired - not even gonna watch Big Bang before I head to bed!

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