Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday - but didn't happen like it needed to...

Well, we got up and going this morning because Samantha had speech at 10am.  Riley and I ran to get gas in the van while she was in speech, then back home to work on some school work.

Today was my day for dinner to Pepaw, so I started garlic bread in the bread maker and got started on lasagna. This was all in between switching out the bazillion loads of laundry I needed to get caught up on. I made the bread into 4 mini-loaves instead of one large one so I could share with Pepaw.  About the time it came out of the oven and I was getting ready to put his lasagna in, I called to make sure.  He said he was fine for this evening so I didn't need to share with him tonight.  SO, I wrapped up his portion and put it in the freezer and he will be getting lasagna for dinner next week!

Our lasagna and bread was yumm-O! The kiddos and I were discussing heading down to the fire station with Rog for the evening, then they got a fire call, so he left without us. I guess I will clean up dinner mess and head to bed.

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