Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friend's Day!

Today was our Annual Friend's Day at church. We had a guest presentation by Allen Edwards.  Show was good, a little over the top for our country church, but it was their normal Branson show - so - all in all was pretty good!

Lunch was catered in by Adams Catfish - lunch was yummy and fellowship was great!

After church, I headed to the Fire Station - where we were having our picture fundraiser event.  Some of the guys were down there helping out.  Love hanging out at the station with Rog & his friends - they are SO much fun!  While we were there they got two different fire calls - pretty funny watching from the sidelines... like a chinese fire drill gone bad!

While they were gone on the call, I got the news that my Uncle had passed away.  I was pretty upset and Rog was in Hot Springs with his dad.  He showed up at the station not to long after I called.

Dinner was supposed to be at mom & dad's house, but they up and went to Brinkley.  I had to stay home - Samantha was at a skating party - wasn't sure when she would be back, Ry was at Gramma's, they had been camping- wasn't sure when he was coming home.  I felt stuck here.

We ended up going to mom & dad's and making dinner there without them...

Been a LONG day.... I am headed to bed...

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