Saturday, October 2, 2010

All day girl scouting...

Well today consisted of an all day Girl Scout meeting...My Co met me at the house and we rode together - nice chance to chat- she is one of my bestest friends!  The day was great even though the meeting was long.

Ry has gone with Gramma and Chunky to the Mom/Cub Camping Weekend at Damascus.  Samantha had a sleep over last night with a friend and the original plan was for her to end up with mom... had to jump through a few hoops in order to get her there - since mom was at the hospital.

After the meeting was over, I ended up at the hospital... Meme was not waking up from her surgery and the nurses seemed unconcerned... Finally at shift change the night nurse said that she had morphine after the surgery - which no one knew - plus, being older and having dementia, it takes more time for her body to process it and get it out of her system.  Once the nurse explained that, I felt better and Samantha and I came on home.  She is here in the bed beside me and we are about to watch something on Nick or Disney- Hannah Montanna or Suite Life on Deck...Night all!

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