Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hunter's ED ~ can I really do this?

YIKES!  Last week we went to Boater's Safety Course.  It was pretty easy.. I was able to follow along and even though I didn't *need* the course, (was there with the kiddos- who have to have it) I went ahead and took the test and was able to pass.  (Kiddos on the other hand did not).

SO, this week we are working on Hunters Education.  In Arkansas, you have to have a Hunter's Ed card in order to get your hunting license. I am not a hunter - would prefer to be out there with a camera - BUT, my hubby is and we all go to Deer Camp with him opening week.  Since I am out in the woods and at the camp, we decided I should probably have a hunting license on me.  BUT, I gotta pass this class first - and I don't know if I can- Sad huh?

The first night was all about firearms and firearm safety... OVER...MY...HEAD!  I am really having to study this book! The kiddos are taking it with me and I worry about them passing as well... At least they have a few more years before they legally have to get a license!

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  1. I'll be taking Hunter's Safety next week with my almost 14 year old son. I don't hunt but he wants to be able to star going out with Daddy so I'll take it with him. ;-) I'm sure you'll do fine.


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