Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frustrating Doctor Update

So, here's what has been going on with my health:

FEBRUARY: Regularly scheduled 3 month check up.  I felt horrible (it was because of a stressful past few months- I am SURE of this!). Doc ordered Pulmonary Function test, gave me some pain meds and put me on a steroid dose pack.  Took the dose pack, felt GREAT!  Took the pain meds as I needed them, they helped some.  Went for my PF test and waited....

MAY: Regularly schedule 3 month check up.  Still not feeling great.  Doc didn't like my PF test at all, wants to try me on a new med, but he doesn't prescribe it without a team.  So, he wants to send me to a Pulmanologist.  I can do that... they will call me when they get me an appt.

JULY: Finally get in to see the doctor.  He asks tons of questions, does an initial exam and says from what he hears, there is no scarring on my lungs and doesn't think that he will need to do a biopsy and put me on the meds...but he wants a CT scan, just to make sure.  he said that some people have to be on a daily maintenance does of steroids, and I may be one of those people.  They will call me when they get the CT scan set up, and will make plans for a follow up appt from there.

AUGUST: Go for CT scan...front and hurt. I cannot lay flat on my back, and certainly not flat on my stomach. And I cannot take deep breathes and hold them.. Was in some major pain when I left the scan.
Doc's office calls... he looked at the scans and good news, there is nothing there.  Some minimal scarring that has been there a while (they compared to scans from 01 & 06 as well) but nothing has changed.  Well, I kinda got into it with the Pulmanologist's nurse.  It is not good news... I still hurt, I am out two days of my life, almost 100 bucks (without thee bill from the CT scan) and I still hurt - yet they say there is nothing wrong.  Somethings wrong:! I am hurting!

Conveniently, both my Rhuemetologist and the Pulmanologist are both out of the office this week.  So, I am sitting here - still hurting, with good news that there is nothing wrong - waiting on at least one of the docs to return to the office so they can call me yet again and tell me nothings wrong...or make me come in for more test and spend more time and money to find more nothing...

I am almost thinking I want to look into a more natural way to treat this...any suggestions?

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