Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boater's Safety Course

We spent Tuesday night and tonight in a 3.5 hour - each night - in a Boater's Safety Course.  Due to a recent law passed - Rachel's Law - any person born on or after 1/1/86 are required to have a safety course and carry the required card with them.  Since we just got the new boat, I felt that it would be a good thing for me to do, along with the kiddos.

They learned TONS, but didn't pass the written test at the end, so they will have to take it again next year.  The course is on a 6th grade level and there was a lot of info that I felt they didn't get, but they did learn so much... and they learned the important stuff... safety stuff. There was some stuff that dealt with registration and insurance - that they didn't get.   All in all, I am satisfied with the results.  It was taught by USCG people, so I know that when we say LifeJackets!  Then the kiddos will know we mean business!

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