Saturday, August 14, 2010

A day on the lake

Today we found a way to conquer the heat!  We loaded up first thing and got ready to head to the lake.  I ran to grab a bag of ice while the guys loaded the boat and on my way out, I noticed the corner had a bubble in it - with a little water bubbling out.  I rounded the block and drove back by the house and told them to call the water department.  I went out a different way...I wasn't about to drive my car over that!  When I got back, they all had gone down there and taken pictures.  We continued loading the boat and finished getting ready... then the main busted!  I have never seen anything like it before!!  It was like something that is on a cartoon or something...

It was shooting about 75 feet up in the air!!Pretty interesting to say the least!

An hour later than we had planned, we were on the road!  I didn't get many pictures from the lake, because I had a dead battery!  We had a good day - except right in the beginning - when we hit two stumps and tore up the propeller on the motor... nice size chunk taken out of it...but it least it wasn't something that would have been more damage or more costly to fix - like a chunk out of the bottom of the hull!

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  1. Yeah, when you have a boat, you know there are expenses that go with it. We went on the river once and almost tore off the wedge of our Malibu and bent the propeller. Like you, I was thankful that it didn't wreck the hull.


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