Thursday, June 3, 2010

DNG: Davy Crockett

There are heroes in history we should take to heart and share with our children . . .

This is one of them!

Let’s find out about “The King of the Wild Frontier”!

Introducing the newest title in the biography theme . . .

Davy Crockett
From the Download N Go™ Series
By Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse®

One week of hands-on learning adventures for kids from K – 4th grade.

Davy Crockett: a pioneer, hunter, storyteller, soldier, legislator, patriot, and legend of the Old West . . .

History is skipping over a few of our heroes, and they are slowly fading away. That doesn’t have to happen when you are in charge of your homeschool!

Davy Crockett is one of those patriot heroes that you’ll want your children to know about and remember. This brave frontiersman, family man, congressman, and man of integrity loved to stand up for what he believed was right, even when that was not an easy thing to do.

“Be always sure you are right—then go ahead.” -Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett will delightedly bring plenty of interesting stories to your family and encourage lively discussion in your household! From learning about Davy Crockett’s childhood, education, and family to getting a taste of American history, this is one exciting adventure!

Students will travel with Davy from his early frontier life in Tennessee through his heroic efforts at the Alamo, investigating these daily objectives filled with high-interest fun in an interactive format:

· Day 1: Who Was Davy Crockett?
· Day 2: People and Places in Davy Crockett’s Life
· Day 3: Science Secrets of the Frontier
· Day 4: Lessons to Learn From Davy Crockett
· Day 5: Remembering Davy Crockett

And enjoy your choice of Fun Family Ideas! Plus, there’s an additional Learning Links page, and all lapbook components are ready to print and go! There’s even a Davy Crockett timeline!

As a special reward, your students will beam as they earn the Davy Crockett Certificate of Completion at the end of the study!

You get two memory builders from each study . . .

The printable response pages will produce a themed notebook, while the lapbooking pages create a Davy Crockett lapbook. Both are wonderful reminders of all that has been learned!

All the research is done for you so you can just dig right in and start learning! No need to spend hours and hours searching for the right video, links, books, or activities. Hyperlinks are embedded right in the study to save you precious time! Integrated studies include:


Take a peek and you'll see why parents and kids love this series!

Awaken the curiosity, fun, and adventure in your homeschool! Incorporate lessons about great men and women of the past whose lives we can exemplify!

A unit study/lapbooking approach is such a delightful way for students to learn—and for parents to teach! Unit studies are a favorite choice for good reason, and with the Download N Go™ units, you’ll have daily lessons and lapbook instructions woven together with eye-pleasing pages and interactivity based on exciting themes—ready in a flash.

Units are reusable year after year—nothing is consumed. There are no expensive resources required! Each unit includes a great list of books that you can use to enrich your study, but they are not required.

WHAT I HAVE TO SAY:  We ran out of time with these, but are saving this one for this coming year...I am sure I can work a Davy Crockett study into our study of the US!

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