Thursday, June 3, 2010

DNG: Whales Tales

Taken from website:
“There she blows!”
Unlock the secrets about that mysterious monster of the sea . . .
Introducing the newest title in the Download N Go™ ocean animals theme . . .
By Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse®

One week of hands-on learning and lapbooking adventures for kids from K–4th grade.
Your students will submerge to new depths and delights of learning as they explore the wonders of the oceans and God’s magnificent creatures!
As Herman Melville writes in Moby Dick “. . . sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.”
How much do you and your children really know about earth’s largest animal?
Have you ever looked a whale in the eye? How big is it?
How do we compare to a whale?
What does the Bible say about whales?
What is echolocation?
Do whales have belly buttons?
What does a “sea canary” look like?
Did you know there are more than 80 different kinds of whales?
Don't settle for passive interest when Download N Go™ studies seize your child's curiosity for active learning!
You can really make a splash with so much to see and do in this unit! Set sail on an awesome deep sea adventure and meet the whale families! It’ll be a perfect reminder to your family of our amazing Creator and His ability to make this world a special place for all of His creations.
Each day for 5 days, your students will meet and learn about a different whale and enjoy creative lapbooking fun. There are science discoveries, such as learning about whale and human anatomy, and history investigations, learning about Creation and the Bible story of Jonah. Geography lessons will introduce the oceans making the study of whales quite interesting! Plus there are writing prompts, crafts, games, a wonderful choice of books to complement this study, and many coloring/activity pages.
The impressive information and video links really set these studies apart from other unit studies—hyperlinks are embedded right in—just click and you are there. Someone you trust has already done the timely work for you—no need to spend hours and hours searching for the right video, links, books, or activities. All the research is done for you, so you can just dive right in and start learning!
Whale Tales will delight your family! Just imagine . . . listening to the thunder of tail flukes slapping the water . . . looking a whale in the eye . . . watching the graceful aquatic whale ballet from underwater.

Your child will investigate these daily objectives filled with high-interest fun in an interactive format:
Day 1: What Is a Whale?
Day 2: Getting to Know Whales.
Day 3: Where Are the Whales?
Day 4: The Science of Whales
Day 5: Cool Things About Whales
And enjoy your choice of Fun Family Ideas! Plus there’s an additional Learning Links page, and all lapbook components—ready to print and go!
As a special reward, your students will earn the Whale Tales Certificate of Completion at the end of the study!

WHAT I HAVE TO SAY: Arghh... I wasn't quite ready to post this.  We had an emergency come up and we are in the middle of this study!! We will finish it when we return from camping and I will share more!!  So far, we are enjoying it!!

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