Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bronze Award!

They did it!  Seven of my 10 girls spent the day on their project and have earned their Girl Scout Bronze Award.  They set up an education booth at the local Animal Shelter on the day of National Adoptathon.  They were going to host this booth at the Pet Fair, but it was rained out, so we adapted and overcame the issue and carried it off without a problem one!

They worked hard during the month of April and came up with posters, powerpoint shows, fliers, brochures and props to have at a booth.  The actual day of the event, due to the changes, they spent the morning hours doing some volunteer work at the shelter - brushing cats, bathing dogs, feeding kittens, and some general things that needed to be done around there.  Here are a few pictures...I have to be careful about who I post on my blog  -I know some parents won't mind!

This was a Catahoula that was new to the shelter and had not been named yet.  Since it took ALL 7 of the girls to bath her, they named her *Scout*!
Oh, and since we were inside the shelter for the booth instead of out in the open - we also *advertised* by the road.  Having all the girls by the booth was a bit crowded.
 (The pics I have of them at the booth, I can't share online b/c of request of their parent)

They all worked hard and had a great time as well!  I am proud of them all!!  Award Ceremony is coming up soon...will share when it is over!

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