Monday, May 3, 2010

An *AMAZING* Amazing Race

One of the ladies in our homeschool group spent from about December until now working on an end of the year event that would be more fun than just your typical field day.   She set it all up at the park near us and had 10 different stations for the kiddos to visit and complete a *challenge* of sorts in order to get a clue as to where they were headed next. 

I was at 'Canada' and it was Disc Golf.  She had a blurb about disc golf and then what the challenge was and once they completed that, then they got the clue as to where they were going next.  Since I was basically stuck at a station all day, I am not 100% sure what the other stations were...I know that from my place they were headed to England (I think) to make butter and spread that on some crackers.  There was a box sorting/stacking place, there was a sponge/water/bucket type thing, a song station, a puzzle station.  But I am not sure what all went into each of them.

It turned out to be an awesome event - we had over 90 kiddos participate in it!  I am hoping she sticks around and pulls something like this off for our year end next year!

Also that morning before hand, at the park, we had our annual Out of the Trunk used curriculum sale.  I did really good - spent $5 and made $30!!  There were several cars and lots of goodies.  This is always planned before our states convention, so folks will be able to see if they can rule out some of their list at a cheaper price.  We all had picnic lunch together between the events, so made for a nice day!

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