Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last chance to be prepared

So, the Girl Scouts have been working hard all year for their Bronze Award, and really working towards in this past month, trying to get all of their hours. Their final project was to be an education booth at the local Pet Fair -this weekend! So, tonight was our final night to finish all we had to do for the booth...and they CANCELED the Pet Fair! Well, actually, they moved it - to May 22nd. Not going to work for us! Our Award Ceremony is May 14th!! The Pet Fair was called off for this weekend due to the weather forecast (supposed to be BAD!) BUT, the Animal Shelter will still be participating in Adopt-A-Thon this weekend and so we are going to go ahead with our education booth there...will be a little cramped, and probably not as many visitors -but that's not my problem! My girls are doing what they are supposed to be doing!!

I will have a blog post this weekend to share what all we have done and the girls in action! Stay tuned for that!

You will be happy to know that they DID manage to complete EVERYTHING that they had set out to do!! They have worked hard and I am proud of them!

I have a couple of girls that are not returning, so I need to take some time and update all of their paperwork (badges and such) so I can give them a copy in case they ever return to another troop. *Reason number 546 to stay on top of things :)!

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