Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday was....


We all went to church and heard a great message.  Brother Paul talked about Ascension Day. He really got into the message. It was one I had never heard - sad to say...I didn't know about Ascension Day.  We welcomed a new member to the church family as well.

Riley left church with Gramma and Chunky, Samantha and I came home and had a quick lunch and I got dinner started. Crock-pot Enchiladas! Yummo!  Our Girl Scout Co-Leader and her daughter came over and we finally took our Gift of Caring cookies to the place the girls chose as a recipient.  Open Arms Shelter.  We took them 18 boxes of Girl Scout cookies...they were so thankful for them. 

Once we all got home, we were hanging out waiting on dinner time. I had Roger's fire department pager on, so I knew there was nothing going on, however, we heard an awful wailing siren noise.  We ran out to the front to see what it was...

It was a friend of Roger's from the fire station.  He has this demo-model to compare something or another on the front of a truck.  They were out, full of kiddos, for his son's birthday. He stopped and asked if Samantha and Riley wanted to go for a ride on it.  They were excited about that!

Dinner was here, we had crockpot enchiladas and I made a yummy chocolate cake!  After dinner, we played cards. 

Great weekend...hate that it is ending...

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