Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday was....


Saturday was a completely crazy day!  Riley was with Ryan, and they were going to meet Roger at the ballfield for his noon practice.  Samantha was with Gramma and she was going to Chunky's game.  I had a meeting from 9-noon and was supposed to go to the ball park afterwards.  My meeting ran long, so Rog just told me he would meet me at the house...

I was almost finished with my grocery list when he left on a fire call...the kiddos were all fighting, so I sent them to their room so I could finish up my list.  Riley fell asleep!! He slept for 2 hours, so I helped Samantha sort thru some of her clothes and pull out some summer stuff.  Right as we were walking out the door, Roger returned Samantha and I went without the boys!

Dinner was burgers - super late because of my late grocery trip!  Everyone is tired and headed to bed...

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