Monday, April 12, 2010

CREW: All About Spelling Reader 2

All About Spelling has been a great company to work with this year. 

We started off with a spelling program - been back and forth with it and I think after what I have learned this month about Samantha, we may be going back to it.  We were also on the list for the first reader they sent out.  Loved it, it was cute and simple.  My nephew has it right now and is reading it and he loves it as well.  Our most recent product from them was their recent reader What Am I? A Collection of Short Stories. 

We grabbed it as we were walking out the door one day for lessons and Riley read through the whole thing during Samantha's piano lessons.  Which was odd, because he doesn't seem to care about reading.  Samantha has picked it up a time or two and I think she has read a few of the stories, but I know she hasn't read the whole book.

There are 10 silly short stories that are fun to read.  This is a level 2 book, so geared for late first grade early second.  For more reviews and opinions on it, please visit the Crew, linked above.

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