Thursday, April 15, 2010

CREW: Sneak Peek ~ Lobster Network Item Networking

In my quest to find a place on the web to list all of my extra books and such for sale, this opportunity from the Crew fell into my lap!

Lobster Network is a FREE site that you can list all of your stuff for sale, give away, borrow or trade!  The site is really new, so their are not a ton of listings yet, but I think once it catches on - it will be great! 

One cool thing about Lobster, so far, is the ability to set up communities.  I have set up one for my local homeschool group - it is private so no one but us can join up.  On these communities, we can list EVERYTHING we have...and mark it with a LOAN tag.  So, I can search through my local hs community and find if something I need is on loan...saving me the money from buying it myself!

If you join Lobster, please feel free to friend me - dartwns - just let me know you found it through my blog!

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