Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Running all day...

We had tons to do today and we got started on it early! We got to pick up our troop TShirts (you will be able to see them after we wear them to the Pet Fair on Saturday!). We had to hit a few schools to deliver interest fliers for our spring recruitment event. We grabbed Burger King for lunch and went to a local lake for a picnic -and a fight with the ducks! Samantha had piano - her teacher thinks she is completely ready for her recital this weekend! After piano, we ran to Toys R Us and they spent their gift cards from their birthday. Samantha got a car charger for her DSi and some Zhu-Zhu Pets (Moo and Tex if I am correct) and Riley bought G-Force Wii game. He had guitar lessons and then I took Samantha to the Animal Shelter for volunteer time. Ry had ball practice so he didn't get to stay. Practice went ok and we got done just in time to get Samantha from a friend who picked her up from Church.

Whew....time for bed!

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