Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Destination Disney: Education

There have been a couple of changes take place at Heidi's - the original home of Destination Disney.  The great thing is - Destination Disney can now be found in two places!!  Heidi's and another friend of ours Becky @ There is Hope.

Now, on with the show! 

This weeks' topic is EDUCATION!  Now, as a homeschool know we search out the educational value in everything we do!!  Disney trips are no exception!! I will have to say that I do think EPCOT is the most educational park of the four...but that doesn't mean the others are not.

My favorite place at EPCOT for educational experiences is Innovations East and West.  They are like huge science rooms! 

My next favorite would be traveling the world - all of the culture that is among the countries around the lagoon.  It seems as though you are traveling worlds away when you are visiting there.

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  1. Thanks for playing along. I totally agree! :)


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