Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Destination Disney: What is your favorite thing to eat at Disney?

We try to save money and NOT eat on Disney grounds when we go, but we do have the occasional splurge and our favortie place to eat is Rainforest Cafe that is actually at Downtown Disney.  We love to eat there and whenever we visit a city that has a Rainforest close, we make a trip to it!

On the topic of food... when we went in October of 2008 with my inlaws and my nephew, we had lunch in Mexico.  We all ordered and when the waitress brought out Roger's meal (don't remember what it was he ordered - just a mexican meal) Chunky looks over and says...ewww.. that looks like frowed up (throw-up).  We laughed so hard at that...and Roger quietly ate his lunch!

And here is a food related picture...
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  1. "frowed up" - that is adorable! Poor Samantha - lost her Mickey Head popsicle!


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