Monday, March 29, 2010

CREW: Galaxy of Education

I'm not gonna lie...we have reviewed A LOT of math this year.  While at first, it felt like *another math* but as we are starting to wrap this year up, I do see a few positive things about all the math!  We have seen a large selection of what is out there and we have been able to see what works and what doesn't (for each individual child) and me, having two kiddos, was able to find things that worked for each of them!

I am happy to say that I also found something that will work for BOTH of them...and by will work, I mean they both enjoy!!

Math Galaxy sent us an array of their games!  I downloaded the ones that were sent, then I got to exploring them more and realized that some of them were higher math than we are, so those will have to wait.  However, we did find a couple that were at our level and we have been enjoying them!  We LOVE Word Problems!  The kiddos also have been using Whole Numbers.  There are a couple of ebooks that are riddlers that have been really fun!

The website doesn't have them each on an individual page, so you just have to scroll thru and see what all is there and what level would be best for your child.  Here is the page that has all of the products.  They are set up to where you earn Treasures and Robots (kinda like earning lives) and you can use them later in games.  Be warned, there are not a lot of bells and whistles on this game, it is simple and it is math, but my kiddos have enjoyed it.  I have even had my K age nephew playing on it.

*Disclaimer ~ We were given these products free of charge to use in exchange for our review.  Please visit the Crew, linked above, for more reviews and opinions. 

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