Monday, March 8, 2010

CREW: Great Tools Software

As part of the Crew, we were invited to review for  Great Tools Software.  The program, Graphic Toolbox,  is a download for your computer, and while I am sure it is a great tool, I am just not savvy enough to work it.  Now, before you give it, I am not sure that it is really complicated.  It is certainly one of those, it's not you, it's me situations...I am not good at any program like this...I got kicked off of the newsletter at the daycare I used to run as well as the auxiliary I am part of...I just can't piece things together. 

My plans were to use this to make birthday party invites for the kiddos birthday coming up...and even after sitting thru a conference call type training and viewing a few videos...I just can't seem to make anything on there.  I think my kiddos are going to be just like me...Riley gets frustrated after trying for a  while, but Samantha just quits after the first time she has an issue...I fall somewhere in the middle!

However, I don't want this to come across negative!!  I know others on the Crew have used it and enjoyed it and had fun with it.  I have seen some really cool blog toppers, that were made with this program.  I am not giving up on the program...I will keep working with it and learn it...I hope that if you are in the  market for such an item you will really check this one out!  I am sure it is a great program (and the customer service is pretty awesome!!  They are really there for you!).  Please check the link above to get other reviews and opinions about this program!! 

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