Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girl Scout Sunday

Today is the *official* kick-off of Girl Scout Week!  It starts with Girl Scout Sunday, and the idea is that all the girls goto the same church.  We asked some time ago if we could take a few minutes to recognize the girls this morning (4 of my 10 girls go to our church, so I knew there would be a few there!).  Brother Paul said sure go ahead!  We sent the bulletin insert to be copied, one of my girls wanted to perform I Am Free by the Newsboys, so they started practicing on that as well. 
I ended up having 5 of my girls show up.  We went up front and I let the congregation know that I didn't have any special presentation for them today because they were in the middle of working towards their Bronze Award.  I let them all know how hard they were working and that I had an awesome troop!

I tried to upload a short part of them singing that I recorded...not sure how it's gonna work though...well, apparently it doesn't work at all.

Can anyone help me with that? Do you know how to upload a video?  Do I need to add it to photobucket first?  Please share!!!

After church, Roger and I had a visitation to go to, then he met a friend at the park to play disc golf and I went on to mom's house.  Dad made burgers on the grill and then we played Five Crowns.

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