Saturday, February 13, 2010

Play ball....

Well, not reall play, but try out for ball!!

This morning, three kiddos and I  met the 4H group at a nursing home and handed out Valentines to the residents.  The kiddos really enjoyed it, and thier new 'friends' enjoyed having them visit as well.  It was a sweet time with them this morning.

Samantha left from there with her friend Emmy, not sure what all kinds of trouble they went and got into...Riley and I headed to ball try-outs. That was crazy chaos...seeing as how there was still 4 inches of ice on the ground!!  Thankfully Riley was about #15 in line and once he was done, we were able to get out of there.  He went with gramma and Chunky.  Rog is at the station, so Chelle and I are going to go play Bunco with some friends. We had fun and may plan on going back!  Sometime this evening Emmy and her mom returned Samantha to gramma's house as well.  They are supposed to meet us at church in the morning!

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