Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blessed Sunday!

Everyone was ready to go to church this morning!  My parents came forward last week during invitaiton to join the church.  Mom is moving her letter from her previous church and my dad is going to be baptized - TODAY!! We had quite a few visit with us to see dad.  It was a great blessing this morning to see!  I do have a funny to precious, silly nephew (6 years old) stood on the pew beside me to watch 'Poppi' (not his grampa, but he is my kiddos granpa and they all call him that).  He was wide-eyed the entire process watching intently.  Once my dad stood up to walk back out of the baptismal, Chunky turns to me and quite loudly says- real water, huh? It was tooo cute!!

Back home after lunch, we all went on a mad search for a pinewood derby car.  My crazy son has misplaced his partially complete pinewood derby car AND the sanding block.  We searched EVERYWHERE..we tore his room up, emptyed every bag that any of us have ever carried, cleaned out both cars, lifted up furniture in the den...EVERYWHERE..and nothing...I hate it, but if we don't find it, and finish it, he will not be able to race in the derby on Saturday...he has NO IDEA where he last had it.  Funny thing is..we didn't find either piece of wood...where ever they are...they are together - hiding!

The kiddos went over to Nene's house for the afternoon and since dinner was here this week, Chelle and Em came over early, along with Billy (Rog's friend) and we all played Rock Band all afternoon.  Dinner was sloppy joes, then we went back to playing Rock Band...kiddos were playing and dad just watched..,we tried several times to get them to join in and play with us...but nah....

Great day, wore me out, not feeling great, so headed to bed!

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