Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A package?

We got a package in the mail today.  I know, between my book reviews and my Crew reviews, I really shouldn't be surprised, but, I was! It was from Black Stallion Literacy Foundation and it was two hardback copies of The Black Stallion, a VHS movie and a Teacher's Guide!  I gave the kiddos their books and got my teacher's guide put in a binder.  I told them that we would start on this come next Monday!  There is a lot to take in as far as the teacher's guide goes.  I need to get the lessons penciled in my plan book as well, because as we all know - if it ain't in the plan book- it ain't happenin!!  The best thing about this - we are going to go see a live performance of The Black Stallion in April!!  Pretty cool for just $10 per child!  Check out the link and see if they have anything in your area.  They mainly cater to schools, but are very open to working with homeschoolers.

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