Monday, February 1, 2010

Homeschool Crew: MathScore

Ok, I will admit (and I know I am not the only one who feels this way) We have gotten A LOT of math to review this year on the Crew!!!  The up side of that is WOW!  there are tons of math programs out there...something to suit every child and every learning style!!

Of all the math we have reviewed so far, I almost think that this one has been *one* of our favorites!  MathScore is a great website for drilling and practicing for the kiddos!  I know that Riley has really enjoyed it - for Samantha, she could go with out ever doing math and would be fine, but she has enjoyed playing on here as well. 

MathScore is not intended to be used as a full curriculum, but strictly as a supplement in addition to what you are already doing.  One of the great covers almost every math topic I could think of! 

On a more personal note, I had a bit of trouble getting this up and going.  I sent an email to MathScore asking what they thought the problem was and what should I do about it.  I am happy to say that he personally called me and helped me get my issue straightened out.  In the end, we never really figured out what it was, and he actually didn't really do anything to *help* me with the problem, but the fact that he called me to see what the problem was means a lot to me!  I am all about customer service and that phone call says tons!

Disclaimer: I was given free access to in exchange for my review.  If you are interested in more reviews and opinions on MathScore, please click on the Crew link above.

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