Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finally a day home...

After this week, I was so glad to be able to stay home today.  We didn't really do much of anything.  A little school work that I had planned for them, and watched our math DVD that we are trying to finish up.  I am still not feeling great so I let them pick a movie to watch and I semi-napped on the couch while they watched.

I did talk to Riley's ball coach and he says that they are waiting on the city to release the ball fields (they arenasty, wet, muddy) and they will spend this weekend working on practice schedule and then there will be a team meeting and we will go from there!  Riley was pretty excited!  I actually was too, his coach is a guy I went to school with, so I feel good already knowing the coach!
Dinner was loaded baked potatoes and they weren't finished baking by the time we needed to leave for Girl Scouts, so dinner was also LATE!

Girl Scouts ran over, but we are working towards our Bronze Award and we had a parent meeting and the girls got a lot done as well.  They have done more than I thought towards it and they are all willing and eager, so I think we will be able to pull it off!!

Back at home, we had our late dinner and watched Survivor and now I am headed to bed!

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