Thursday, February 18, 2010

Homeschool Crew: Zeezok Publishing ~ Foster/McDowell Set

We started this when we started back with schooling after the holidays.  One of the other new ones that I started really stressed reading to the kiddos every day.  Since we had these books from Zeezok Publishing to review, I thought we might as well start with them.  We were given the Foster/McDowell Special Offer.

We started with Stephen Foster.  I read it aloud to the kiddos and I have to say, I wasn't really impressed with this selection.  The chapters were very long and they were not very well organized.  There were no breaks, or stopping points during the chapters.  Even when it switched days/times/subject it just went to a next paragraph.  So, when I was reading, it was hard to stop and take a breathe to realize we were moving to the next topic. We finally made it through Stephen Foster, and after I looked over the other, noticing it was the same way, I opted not to read it outloud.  I put it on the shelf for them to read on their own if they were ever interested.

I will say, I did like the CD that came along with it.  We listened to it along with the book in the beginning, then from there they asked about it a time or two and we have had it playing in the background during some of our school time.

**Disclaimer: We were given this product FREE in exchange for our review.  For more reviews and opinions on this product, please visit the Crew link above.

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