Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fibromyalgia Support Group and other great Sunday news!!

Mom and dad went to church with the kiddos and I this morning.  They have been visiting for a while.  During invitation today, they went forward to join the church!  Mom is moving her letter and dad will be baptized this next weekend!!  I am so excited and proud!!

Just by fluke, I noticed a church sign back in December, that was advertising a Fibromyalgia support group.  Mom saw it about the same time and we decided to check things out.  We went in January, and it was pretty much a first meeting type thing, where everyone introduced themselves and shared our stories.  There was one other lady there who has Lupus.  The lady in charge gave us all a folder that had a copy of the first chapter of a Bible Study that they were looking into starting. 

We went back today.  Mom and I were talking and decided that if it was going to be of benefit, neither of us wanted just a fellowship type time, but would enjoy it if it were a class or a Bible Study.  She told us that the HopeHouse (a part of the church that sponsors this) has offered to purchase the Bible Study books from Rest Ministries for us to use.  We will be doing the study When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life to start with. I have never been to the Rest Ministries site, and plan to spend some time visiting there! 

Dinner was burgers at mom's...Dad, Chelle and I watched the SuperBowl!  Wasn't too concerned one way or the other about who won, but the game was pretty good and the commercials were pretty cute!!

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