Monday, February 8, 2010

Do you compare?

The question of the week for the Blog Cruise is How do you know if kids are keeping up with their peers?

Honestly...I am not *that* concerned about them keeping up with their peers. I do have a bit of an advantage, as my kiddos are the same age, so I can tell when one of them may behind.  I don't know that comparing children is really that important.  I mean, kiddos are their own individuals and do we want them to be the same?  Now, I understand that you don't want them to be behind by standards, but why are there standards?  Why is it not OK for one child to excel in math, but not be that great in spelling or what about if they stink at math but are awesome at art?  Does that make sense? 

I don't want my kiddos to ever feel that they are dumb compared to their friends or feel that they are not as smart.  Even still, I don't want them to ever think or feel that they are smarter than their peers.  I want my kiddos to grow up knowing that they are a unique individuals and not feel as though they are compared or feel like they need to keep up with anyone.  I would be sad if a child who wasn't gifted in math felt as though they had to keep up with a friend who exceled in math.

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  1. Great thoughts, Christa. I agree - I don't want my kids to feel like they are different, in either way. Gracie heard for so long how smart she was, and she tends to think that now. Really, I don't think she's all that advanced anymore (with the possible exception of math). I hate that she heard that for so long that it sunk in to her and she doesn't even realize that she's exhibiting an attitude.


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