Sunday, February 28, 2010

And it's back cold..

Today was a pretty nice day.  My friend Marla and her daughter Emmy (one of Samantha's BFF's) joined us for church this morning! Having never been to church before, she was full of questions.  Melissa and I, along with our pastor, stayed after and tried to answer her questions.  She is a straight black and white type person and just really had tons of questions.  We will talk with her some more.  Right now, she is in my prayers. 

Her and I took the girls to Zaxby's for lunch and then we were back to church for the girls to practice.  This Sunday is Girl Scout Sunday and they are also singing I am Free by the Newsboys with sign language for the chorus.  They had so much fun practicing!! I am excited to see how they do on Sunday!

Dinner was at Chelle's ~ she made spaghetti!  Mom wasn't feeling well, Rog was at the station so it was me, Chelle, dad and Billy - we played Nutsy until time to go home.

I had another pretty good day - feeling pretty ok! Hope it stays that way!!

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