Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beautiful Saturday!!!

Today, the weather was awesome outside!!  The temperature got almost to 60*!!  It's been a while since it has been that nice out~ and we were due for some pretty weather!!

We slept in a it this morning, then had a yummy pancake breakfast.  Samantha had a friend come over to go with her to the District Derby Race.  Since Riley found his car, they were able to get it ready to still needs a little work on the decoration, but it moves!!  He ran it against 26 others in the area and placed 11th-tied.
He is wanting it to look like his granpa's police car. Right now, it is just black with a blue light bar...more details to come and better pictures once it is complete.   Gramma and Chunky showed up to watch the race and Riley ended up leaving with him.  We all went for lunch, then stopped to see the Fallen Firefighter Memorial that was on display at the Maumelle Fire Station. The kiddos and I were at the parade that brought it in, but Roger had never seen it.

On the way home, the girls mentioned that we were close to the Big Dam Bridge, so we headed down there.  Roger and the girls went over it, I stayed at the bottom waiting...

Once home, the girls (of course) decided that they needed to stay the night together...they ended up here!  Dinner was tater tot casserole and candied carrots.  Since it was just the two girls, they played nicely in Samantha's room.  Roger, Billy and I watched Evan Almighty, then moved on to Wii Sports.  I am not feeling that great, so I left them to battle it out on the Wii Baseball field and I am headed to bed...

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